How Do You Take Care Of Your Health In A Reasonable Manner

Some simple ways but it is effecvitve for you to improve your health gradually.

Brush Your Teeth After A Meal 30 Minutes

The reason is that the acid content in food can contain softening enamel and very hurtful to us brushing. According to experts, you should wait about 30 minutes after eating before brushing teeth to help your mouth long enough saliva neutralizes acid.

At the same time, this period is not sufficient for the harmful bacteria which can operate. In addition, saliva is secreted in that time will help make your teeth, absorb more calcium and form a layer of “armor” to protect teeth.

Eating Fruit Before Meals 1 Hour Fruit Of Live Foods

So eating a hour before meals helps white blood cells in the body can not increase, is conducive to the protection of the immune system .

At the same time, it also helps us to thoroughly absorb vitamin and mineral components in fruits. You absolutely should not choose to eat fruit after a meal to dessert.

At this time, the stomach was “absorbed” with lots of different food, so can not absorb and digest the substances in fruits, even fermentation and damage to the stomach and the digestive system .

Drinking milk before bedtime composition of milk and calcium-fortified minerals. Therefore, drinking milk before bedtime will help our body more easily absorb the calcium and other nutrients in it.

Not only that, drinking milk before bedtime also compensate for iron anemia at night, support strong bones and also helps us sleep better.

Take A Shower Before Bed From 30-40 Minutes

This work helps us to relax the muscles, brings a sense of comfort for more quality sleep. At the same time, the period 30-40 minutes is very reasonable for us to rest and rebalance the body after a long series of activities throughout the day.

Choose the right time to go to sleep our siesta should begin in 13 hours because this is the time the bodies into a state of fatigue, easy to sleep the most.

Nap time should fluctuate between 20-30 minutes. Napping too long can make you feel tired, headache, dizziness, disorientation after awakening. In the evening, you should go to sleep at any time between 22-23 hours. Our sleep is often deeper and peaked between 0-3 am. Therefore, we need at least 1 hour to be able to “find” a good sleep at night.

Time to exercise the highest efficiency morning exercise can often help us awaken the agency after a long night.

Other than that, exercise is about the evening will help you to bring highly effective in lost weight, muscle building … At that time, after a day of activity, heart rate and blood pressure become stable.

The exercise time will help us to dispel the feeling of tiredness and achieve greater efficienciently.

You Usually Do What You Want, Eat And Drink When You Feel Hungry

These acts are not good for your health. In fact, there are about the best time for you to eat, drink, sleep, exercise.

The best time to brush your teeth is three minutes after meals. That is because the bacteria in the oral cavity begins to break down food residue at the moment.

The acids can easily decompose and dissolve tooth enamel, and even destroy our teeth. The best time to drink tea best time to drink a cup of tea is one hour after meals. Many people, especially the Chinese usually drink a cup of hot tea immediately after a meal.

It’s an unhealthy habit and not science. The reason is because the tannic acid in tea will produce the chemical compound when it meets iron or calcium, hinder digestion of the human body and can lead to anemia or other diseases in the long run. The best time to drink milk best time to drink milk before bed.

Milk contains high levels of calcium. Drinking a glass of milk before bed can complement calcium at night.

It plays an important role in protecting your bones and help you sleep better. The best time to eat fruit The best time to eat fruit is one hour before meals.

According to Chinese medicine, fruit is a living food. Having a meal after eating the fruit will not leukocytosis in the human body, improve the immune system of the body.

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