Amazing K Cup Storage Drawer

The kitchen is a place where it is essential to maintain cleanliness and order, as in any other room in the house, since in it we manipulate and cook food. In addition to preparing food, the kitchen is usually a storage place for multiple pots, both large and small. Therefore, if you do not have […]

Colorful Lego Storage Drawers

Plastic storage lego storage drawers can serve as large sand boxes for all lego lovers. Take a box cutter (a cutter), tape, and a piece of carpet or carpet and with little work you will have ready a beautiful and intimate place for cleaning your Lego. Also this transformation of plastic containers is ideal for […]

3 Drawer Storage Bin Bedroom

The containers and 3 drawer storage bin are well known for their versatility and so practical and useful they are to store many things almost anywhere. But they can also be useful in many other ways at home. Get ready to see a series of creative ideas with storage boxes! Lots of innovative options for […]

Buy Sharp Microwave Drawer

It is clear that a sharp microwave drawer fulfills an extremely practical function in the kitchen. However, its aesthetics can contribute much more to the design giving life to contemporary spaces full of personality. The proposal we present is striking, not only for its location, but also for its modern and sophisticated finishes that add […]

Built in Drawer Microwave Oven

Although all rooms of house must respect a certain balance, in design of kitchen, that harmony is something fundamental. If we consider that it is a space in which inspiration has a lot to say, a good way to generate a perfect assembly of elements is to opt for a kitchen cabinet to place your […]

Bosch Microwave Drawer Black

Small kitchens often suffer from a lack of space, which sometimes means sacrificing presence of certain elements within their design. If you cannot afford to give up just one centimeter of your countertops, betting on a lower compartment to place bosch microwave drawer is perfect solution for you. In addition to offering you an appropriate […]

Best Thermador Microwave Drawer

Thermador microwave drawer are a fundamental part in the design of the kitchen and, however, placing them in the most appropriate place can become a real challenge. The reasons for not finding the perfect place are the most varied, although, on many occasions, they have to do with the lack of planning or the dimensions […]

Black Kitchenaid Microwave Drawer

Americans like to install the kitchenaid microwave drawer above the kitchen. It is a way of grouping the cooking area with the gas stove, the lower oven and above the microwave. In this case, the set is a single piece of stainless steel with a rear panel, also made of stainless steel, which serves to […]

Closed Viking Microwave Drawer

In most of Ikea’s kitchens we find the integrated viking microwave drawer inside the furniture, as if it were one more inside the furniture. We know that not everyone has the same space or the possibility of changing the entire design of the kitchen, so you can also find the option in this store to […]

Drop Down Wolf Microwave Drawer

Here, the wolf microwave drawer has been fitted right under the worktop. It is true that in order to put the dishes inside and to program the device we must bend down, but it does not seem to be uncomfortable. In addition, the small counter space serves as support for putting the dishes. That’s practical! […]